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in the skies, but we begin with john collins. he has a look at today's forecast. sandy has moved out almost completely, right? >> we're still getting the edges of the storm, what is left of sandy, because it is not a hurricane anymore. it is over the mountains of pennsylvania, spinning in causing a variety of issues. we still have some shower activity in chesapeake bay and in higher elevations there is a lot of snow. west virginia and western maryland especially. we have had a couple of reports mixed in with the generally light rain we have mixed in in our area. as far as flooding is concerned, generally the area has warnings and watches throughout the entire area for both coastal flooding and for flooding from some rivers and streams. we are not getting the heavy rains we had yesterday, but we are still getting the aftermath of what those rains were about. when we talk about title flooding both for the chesapeake bay and the delaware bay, today, 2-4 foot tidal step above ground at high tide. now, we have passed titi this morning. we're going to having another high tide this evening. the wi
for paribas. >> 2000 officers working -- preparedness. >> 2000 officers working overnight. john is standing by. >> the storm is 250, 260 miles to the east, southeast of baltimore at this time. they have been talking about for a week how the storm is going to behave. landfall coming sometime late tonight, early on tuesday. this thing may come on land in the evening hours this evening, throwing heavy rain bands now, coming in, the heaviest of them to the west of baltimore, out in frederick, west of washington, d.c. at this time. the rain around the center does not look that impressive, it is too far away to give a picture of the rain that is active. but there is plenty of rain coming in and we will continue to see what we have been getting for some time. how much rain to expect? rainfall will be somewhere around 4 inches to 8 inches. wind gusts are already up near 60 over the open waters of the atlantic's. 90 miles per hour winds at the center of the storm. the storm is taking aim, as the track indicates, on the a atlantic coastline sometime after 8:00 tonight, with the storm moving rapidly to t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2